Poaching rhinos for their horn

By now it is becoming clear to me that very well equipped  trans national crime syndicates are committing  this crime, weak government structures and corruption contribute to the success of these criminals.   These international crime syndicates have money and will stop at nothing to get horns.


Currently an uncompleted study, contemplating: ..for Asian benefit.   I read somewhere that world renowned W Kentridge described the rhino as a symbol of an exploitative, colonialist view of Africa, a symbol for the subjugation of a continent stripped of its natural resources for European benefit.  

Poverty, inequality and lack of economic opportunity for communities living next to areas where rhinos are protected,  habitat loss, and corruption, are main drivers of a complex interaction between risks and rewards of committing poaching and trafficking of rhino horns. Many under cover operations in consumer countries such a Vietnam, China and Laos has produced evidence of trafficking and the black market of rhino horn. Vietnamese-run criminal syndicates have been found to be the financiers of criminal gangs poaching rhino populations in South Africa, where the country’s legal rhino-hunting industry has been exploited as an avenue to obtain and smuggle rhino horns. During 2007-2011 Vietnamese nationals were found to be the leading nationality for registered sport-hunting permits in South Africa.

IMG_4414Is it a GREEN crime scene any longer?  Criminals are networks dealing in more than one product and it involves lots of cash, money laundering and bribery.

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